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Interest Equalization Scheme on Pre and Post Shipment Rupee Export Credit-Extension RBI/2021-22/21 12/04/2021
Implementation of Section 51A of UAPA 1967 and Security Council Resolution RBI/2021-22/19 08/04/2021
Enhancement of limit of maximum balance per customer at end of the day from ?1 lakh to ?2 lakh RBI/2021-22/20 08/04/2021
Priority Sector Lending–Increase in limits for bank lending against Negotiable Warehouse Receipts RBI/2021-22/14 07/04/2021
Priority Sector Lending-Lending by banks to NBFCs for On-Lending RBI/2021-22/15 07/04/2021
External Commercial Borrowings Policy–Relaxation in the period of parking of unutilised ECB RBI/2021-22/16 07/04/2021
Asset Classification and Income Recognition following the expiry of Covid-19 regulatory package RBI/2021-22/17 07/04/2021
Reporting and Accounting of Central Government transactions of March 2021–Change of date of closure RBI/2021-22/18 07/04/2021
Master Circular-Credit facilities to Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes RBI/2021-22/11 05/04/2021
Deendayal Antyodaya Yojana–National Urban Livelihoods Mission DAY-NULM RBI/2021-22/12 05/04/2021
Gold Monetization Scheme 2015 RBI/2021-22/13 05/04/2021
Income-tax (9th Amendment) Rules, 2021 Notification No. 31/2021 05/04/2021
Company (Accounts) Second amendment Rules, 2021 Notification 01/04/2021
Companies (Audit and Auditors) Second Amendment Rules, 2021 Notification 01/04/2021
Master Circular–Facility for Exchange of Notes and Coins RBI/2021-22/01 01/04/2021
Master Circular–Detection and Impounding of Counterfeit Notes RBI/2021-22/02 01/04/2021
Master Circular–Scheme of Penalties for bank branches including Currency Chests based on performance RBI/2021-22/03 01/04/2021
Master Direction on Currency Distribution and Exchange Scheme RBI/2021-22/76 01/04/2021
Master Direction on Levy of Penal Interest RBI/2021-22/77 01/04/2021
Master Circular-Credit Facilities to Minority Communities RBI/2021-22/06 01/04/2021
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